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aix rosé 2023

29 February 2024

The 2023 vintage–a testament to our steadfast dedication to sustainable viticulture at Maison Saint Aix–unfolded amidst a slew of challenges posed by the natural elements. From formidable frost, spring storms and downy mildew to one of the hottest summers in France’s history, our elevated vineyards (among the highest in the appellation) prevailed. We proudly present AIX Rosé 2023–a vintage that reflects the resilience and spirit of Maison Saint Aix, enduring in an unpredictable year.

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AIX Harvest Report20231

the year in the vineyard at maison saint aix

The year 2023 at Maison Saint Aix’s vineyard in Provence marks a dynamic journey influenced by the natural elements and our sustainable winegrowing practices. Beginning with a frosty January involving valiant pruning, the vines awakened to a frost-free bud burst in April.

May delivered warmer temperatures, complete with abundant morning sunshine and afternoon rain. Fortunately, Maison Saint Aix was spared from the ravages of hail, although weather conditions presented other challenges: downy mildew impacted vineyards in Provence, with soils becoming difficult to access due to excessive moisture. Thankfully, our vineyard escaped the worst of the damage. Implementing organic preparations to strengthen the natural defences of the vines yielded positive results, effectively mitigating the impact of downy mildew in our Provence vineyards.

Despite intermittent rainfall, June ushered in a successful flowering process and the promise of a bountiful harvest to come. As record-breaking temperatures soared in July and August, preparations persisted in anticipation of the AIX Rosé 2023 harvest. Preparations included silica and other supporting mineral applications to help the vines withstand hydric stress. Substantial rainfall at the end of August broke the heat, providing optimal conditions for the 2023 autumn harvest.

AIX Harvest Report20232

harvest time at maison saint aix

This year’s harvest commenced on September 6th at Domaine de la Grande Séouve with a careful selection of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. Our annual harvest always takes place in the early morning hours before dawn, ensuring optimal freshness of the grapes while preserving their most delicate aromas and reducing the risk of oxidation. This meticulous approach is integral to achieving AIX’s distinctive colour, delicate aromas, gentle acidity and signature length.

We were fortunate to experience sunny yet cooler weather during the harvest, which was a welcomed relief after a scorching summer season. Temperature fluctuations between night and day created ideal conditions, greatly enhancing the quality of the grapes. After nearly four weeks of picking on our 75-hectare estate, we wrapped up the 2023 harvest on the 28th of September. Despite this year’s dryness and heat, the grapes retained their acidity—a favourable indicator for the AIX Rosé 2023 vintage. The first juices express intense red fruit and peach aromas, further fuelling our excitement about this exceptional vintage.

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tasting note

AIX Rosé 2023 mimics its predecessor’s charm. With a profile akin to the 2022 vintage, it unveils light colours and a fresh, aromatic nose. A swirl reveals white stone fruit, citrus and wild berries. What’s more, the 2023 vintage elevates mouthfeel, extending length while maintaining bright freshness and crispness, culminating in a memorable finish for every occasion.

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